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Why not come to an email confirmation link registration?
Possible reasons:
  1. Carefully fill in the form fields on the registration page. If you made any errors, they would be shown, and must be corrected, otherwise the letter with the link of registration confirmation will not be sent.
  2. When registration was incorrectly specified your email address. In this case, the letter can not be delivered. Be attentive when you fill in the field "email".
  3. The letter was delivered, but fell into the "Spam" in your mailbox. In this case, check not only the folder "Inbox", but also the folder "Spam".
Why can I not enter the site?
Possible reasons:
  1. You have been registered and are trying to enter the site without confirming your email address. You can confirm it by clicking the link in the email.
  2. When entering the password is the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, so the password must be entered exactly as it was specified in the registration.
Can not remember my password.
On this page (only if you can’t log in to the site!) enter your e-mail address that you assigned to your account. Then you will receive a letter with a confirmation link. Click on link from an email. Next you come on mail a new password that can be changed if desired.
Why am I being denied of access to the site?
With a gross violation of the rules of the site, trying to automatic mass mailing to other users, ignoring site administration warnings, the account of the user will be blocked. There is a reference to the rules at the bottom of each page.
How can I delete my page on the site?
To do this, log in and follow the link Delete my profile in the site menu.
Where can I upload a photo?
Follow the link Upload a photo in the site menu.
I Can not upload a photo.
Photo should be in the *.JPG format, maximum file size - 10 MB. If, after selecting a file, the screen is darkened and a rotating animation appears, and nothing else happens for a long time, then you probably have a slow Internet connection. Wait until the end of the download, without pressing anything.
If this condition is met, and still does not work, try to use a computer, tablet or high-end mobile device.
Where can I add or edit information about myself?
In the site menu there is a link My Profile. On indicated page there is a link Edit my profile.
How can I express my sympathy to the user?
Click on the hand icon with the thumb raised up under the photo you like on the user page.
How to block correspondence with an unwanted user?
  • To block your correspondence with an unwanted user and send a signal to the site administration about a possible violation, click
    above the message of the user.
  • In order not to show users from your black list on the pages Messages, Views, Liking, tick the checkbox near
    Hide blacklisted:
    on any of the specified pages.
I can not find a form for entering the message text.
Possible reasons:
  1. You added this user to your black list. In this case, you need to click on the "Remove from blacklist".
  2. The user has added you to their blacklist.
  3. The user was blocked by the site administration for violating site rules.
  4. You are using an outdated browser or an outdated version of the operating system. Try checking the "Simple form" checkbox.
The correspondence with the user has disappeared.
The user deleted his profile on the site. Together with the user profile, was deleted the correspondence. It is not possible to recover deleted correspondence.
The user with whom I corresponded, is blocked. Is it possible to unlock it?
If the user is blocked, then he violated the site rules. It is impossible to unlock.
I wrote to the site administration, but there is no response. Why?
Look attentively, the answer to your question can be at this page in the list of possible questions. If there is no, check your email, and not only the folder "Inbox", but also the folder "Spam". Most likely, you have got the reply.
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